Mid Week Wednesday Motivation

Most Christians may be familiar with the bible verse that says that you cannot serve two masters. The same is true in business and in life. You either make excuses or make progress. You cannot do both.

So which option are you going choose this week? The “Blame Game” is so easy to play. Progress on the other hand is the route with lots of bumps and detours, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Like you, there’s a lot on my plate this week. My daily habits are more important than ever. But when the thought to slack off comes in, I think of all the other successful people out there who are making their business thrive in circumstances that were much more challenging. If they can do it, so can we!

What do you need to make progress on this week?

Wishing you lots of success this week!

Melissa O.

What I Love About Network Marketing

It’s been a few months now since I first wrote my reason why I decided to join the world of network marketing, and now that I am knee deep into it and have officially gained a substantial rank advance, I just thought I’d share the reasons why I enjoy this profession.

  1. If you’ve ever wanted to own a business and didn’t have the $300,000 to buy a franchise or the collateral for a loan, then network marketing is your ticket to becoming an entrepreneur. The entrance requirement is quite low in this industry with companies ranging from as low as $10 to as much as $1,000-but either way, the investment is not as drastic as a traditional brick and mortar stores or even some online stores
  2. I think that this must be one of the only careers where there is equal opportunity for everyone. I say this since there is no interview to attend, so you don’t have to worry about potential bias. There is also no wage discrimination since everyone is given the same products and materials to promote. Everyone’s income and rewards are dependent on their actions.
  3. The Flexibility-need I say more on this. The ability to set your own hours and to work as much or as little as needed, based on your life circumstances is amazing.
  4. Network marketing fits into any lifestyle, especially if you are already busy. This point ties in with point #3. I always tell those interested in joining my company that you have to make the business fit into your life, not the other way around. If you’re already busy with a full or part time job, kids, evening activities and volunteer activities, then you are an excellent candidate for network marketing.
  5. The support system in this industry is massive! According to the Direct Selling Association, in 2015, there were approximately 20 million people involved in direct selling or network marketing. This means that you are never alone if you decide to venture in this journey. Best of all, most of the top sellers and leaders share their insights and coaching freely. And with social media, support groups are plentiful.
  6. My utmost favorite aspect to network marketing and the opportunity to be my own boss is the sense of accomplishment I get from my success, whether they’re big or small. I enjoying bringing a smile to my customers’, I enjoy networking, I enjoy the challenges that I set for myself and my business. Watching your customer base, sales and team grow each month brings an amazing sense of accomplishment. It makes those stressful days worth it.

I completely understand that network marketing is not for everyone, but for those of you who are considering entrepreneurship in your already busy life network marketing may be your answer. You can do it! The key is to find a company that best fits with your lifestyle and value, go in with the fortitude of steel, be a willing student and have fun!

Have you thought of joining a network marketing company? What do you like about the company that you’re with? Let me know in the comments below

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O

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Thinking Ahead

I’m still reading Brian Tracy’s Get Smart. In fact, I’ve renewed it twice since I borrowed it from the library. One key point that I wanted to bring to today’s post is the emphasis on the importance of thinking ahead. Here’s his statement “The very act of thinking long term sharpens your perspective and dramatically improves the quality of your short term decision making.” This is so very, very true when operating your home business.

Think about it.

If your long term goal is to become one of the top sellers in your company, then you will take all the necessary steps in the present to achieve that goal. Most likely you’d cut back on hanging out with friends to work on leads or contact customers, or you’d forgo some free time on the weekends to build your customer base. The take away is that your long term vision affects the choices that you make short term, or in the present. So when you are faced with making a choice, ask yourself whether or not how would this help you achieve your ultimate, long term goal?

Here’s what to do if you want to start putting this thinking into your everyday life. THINK BACKWARDS. According to Tracy, you should practice thinking back from the future, and here’s how to do it in three easy steps:

  1. Envision yourself where you want to be in your business and in life in general including your relationship, health and wellness, etc.
  2. Then ask yourself what do you have to do in this present moment to create the image that you envisioned?
  3. Create an action plan and put it into motion

In the back of my mind, I’ve always known that it was important to have a plan in life and in business, but I don’t think that it resonated with me how important the act of thinking long term was on the decision that I make daily. After reading this chapter, I am more cognizant of the actions that I take, and guess what? Having the long term vision in mind really does change the way you think and act in the present. This doesn’t mean that your every move has to be calculated and methodical, but it does mean that your vision for my future should be ever-present in your mind, always serving as a reminder for where you ultimately want to be.

How does thinking ahead resonate with you? Leave your comments below.

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O

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Mid-Week Motivation Wednesday

I read somewhere that it was easier to believe for most people to believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny than believe in themselves.

Why is that?

Self-doubt is one of the most limiting factors that sabotages our success. When I first started in my business I was filled with doubts about whether I would even get one sale out the gate. But what I did was changed my mindset to believe that I could be successful and that I can build a thriving business. If you think about it, why would customers or potential team members align themselves with you, if you don’t even believe in yourself or your business?

Having confidence in yourself to take risks and overcome challenges is fundamental for every entrepreneur. It means  believing in yourself and not relying on what others think . Remember the children’s story The Little Engine That Could. Think big, believe big and you can accomplish great things!

How do you build your self esteem? Comment below

Wishing you lots of success in your business

Melissa O.

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Action Is Everything

How can you tell what a person really wants, thinks, believes…or is committed too? Simple! You just look at their actions.”

This is a sentence taken from Brian Tracey’s Get Smart, and it really is true when it comes to operating your home business. How many times have you met someone who always says that they wanted good grades in school, or they wanted to be successful at their job, but they constantly skip classes or they show up late for work daily? Or how many times have you had a conversation with someone who says that they want more out for themselves, but they spend all day in front of the TV. Clearly their actions and their goals do not align. The simple truth is that if you want to be successful, you have to take the necessary actions to put you in the right direction. It means nothing sitting motionless on a couch.


So with that being said, how do you show up in your business? By this I mean do you show up with enthusiasm or do you just do the bare minimum and hope that it produces results. What daily activities do you take to build your business? Whether it’s taking time to contact new customers, book parties or contact new business partners, you need to evaluate your actions to determine how it aligns with your goals.

How do you handle obstacles? Do you stall when things don’t go according to plan or do you re-group and come up with new alternative ways to reach your goals? The point is that if you looked at yourself from afar, what will your actions say about you? Are you someone that you would like to work with?

Winston Churchill said that behaviour is the only truth. And sometimes it is hard facing the truth. There are days when I would love to do nothing more than lounge of my couch, watching a Downton Abbey marathon, but that wouldn’t take me close to my business goal- and so I keep working.

The old beat-up saying is always true: Actions speak louder than words. Do your actions reflect where you want to go with your business? Share in the comments below

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O

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What Happens After You Stumble In Front of the World-Another Lesson from the Rio Olympics

Yesterday was another evening spent with my family watching the Olympics. We were watching the Women’s 100m Hurdle Event and the anticipation on the faces of all the athletes as they took their position to run the race that they’ve trained years for.

Then the race started.

But during the race, Canadian runner Nikkita Holder took a tumble on one of the hurdles and was immediately disqualified. The look on anguish and disappointment on her face was heart wrenching. But it was her tear-filled interview that struck me. She said (and I’m paraphrasing here), that although she was disappointed with the race, every hurdler falls once and that this was her one fall and that it would not happen again.

Her determination was clearly event through her frustration. But she isn’t the only athlete to not meet their own goals or expectations at the Olympics. However as dreadfully disappointing as the outcome was, and I’m sure they cried tears of frustration in their pillow at night, they went back to the drawing board, re-entered the gym and trained over and over again for the next Olympics.

I’d like to take a page out of their book, and apply that same amount of determination to everything I do with my business. There are times in this business and in life when we have or we will face major setbacks and disappointment, but it’s the reaction to this situation that determines our success. Do you enter the vortex of self-pity or do your strap up your laces to run again?

I do believe that it is perfectly fine to cry and scream in frustration, BUT when it’s all said and done here are some actions that you need to take to get out of the self-pity zone:

  1. Create a new goal
  2. Begin working on your mindset, removing self-doubt and limitations
  3. Work closing with a your mentor or business coach
  4. Re-working strategies and getting back to the drawing board

So to Nikkita and the other athletes who didn’t quite make it Rio see you in Tokyo 2020.

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Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O.


What I learnt from the Rio Olympics

Apart from the fact that these athletes are AMAZING, I couldn’t help but think that they provide some key points that many entrepreneurs can apply in their business. Unless you have some supernatural power of some kind, the average person doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to compete for the Olympics, train for two weeks and expects to win a gold medal.

Training for a world event at this level takes years of practice, persistence and determination. Here are three key Olympic inspired points that you can apply to your business:

  1. Have a goal and focus on it! These elite athletes focus day after day on making it to the Olympic podium. So, to excel in your business whether it is achieving the next sales rank or building a vibrant team, you need to apply the same insane amount of focus and dedication.
  2. Work at it daily. Olympic athletes are in the gym every day, and just like them, you need to work at your business daily. Whether it is constantly booking appointments, meeting new clients or potential teammates, your business should always be top of mind. As Ray Higdon says, the way to the top is to get as many people exposed to your business. Even with busy schedules, 30 minutes daily dedicated to your business will go a long way.
  3. Ignore the naysayers. Ah yes! This is definitely familiar territory for Olympic athletes. Can you imagine what would have happened if these athletes would have listened to their naysayers and missed out on the moment of a lifetime. There will always be those who will have everything negative to say about your decision to be an entrepreneur. The key is to shut them out, stick to those who are successful and silence the critics with your achievements
  4. Celebrate the victory. I am a firm believer in celebrating you achievements and the hard work that was involved. Have you seen the face of the athletes when they’ve accomplished their biggest wins? Definitely savor the victory and then begin working on the next one.

Have you been following the Olympics? Share in the comments below.

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Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O.

The Power of Patience

I’ll be the first to admit that patience is not one of my strengths. Who likes waiting? Getting things done in an instant is much more satisfying than waiting forever and a day. But, when decided to own my network marketing business, I knew that I had to change my way of thinking and dig deep (very, very deep) to harness my power of patience.

One of the misconceptions of those who are not educated about the world of network marketing, direct sales or multilevel marketing, is that the profits appear in an instant. Many times I meet people who tell me that they’ve tried one direct sales company or another but then quit after a few weeks or months because they weren’t making any money. These are the people who think that network marketing is like a lottery ticket, and think that they will make it big with a little effort as possible.

I admit that I thought along those lines when I first started my business. There were many times I wondered why my business wasn’t at the same level as someone else’s or I would impatiently wonder when my business to the level of other successful  people in the industry.

Like any other legitimate business, direct-sales is not a quick rich scheme. It takes time, persistence and being consistent each and every day. In the beginning the work seems endless and tiring with little results, but this is the time where you lay down the foundation for success. Just like a house needs a strong foundation, so too does any business.

These days there are many online programs that promise to build your email list in record time, or they promise the latest techniques to give you sales in the shortest time period. But chances are, these fads are short lived.

In Eric Worre’s book Go Pro he mentions that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at anything. Talk about having the patience of a saint to reach that level! Most successful entrepreneurs say that it takes approximately three to five years for your business to make a profit (unless you’ve been super blessed to be making millions right out the gate). Think of how many great ventures would have been lost if the owners decided to quit after a few months.

Building a business takes time, patience and dedication. It takes time to build your brand along with your know, like and trust factor. it takes time to build a great team as well. But the results achieved and the knowledge that is gained is definitely worth it in the end.

And yes, I too have to constantly remind myself about this!

Share your thoughts on this topic below.

Wishing you lots of success

Melissa O.

Mid-Week Motivation Wednesday

I love this quote  from Audre Lorde, because it reminds me that underneath fear, there is strength. Strength that is needed to just go out despite being afraid and do what needs to be done.

Fear can be a biggest road block you can face or it can be the biggest push needed to take you to the next level.

So, this weeks’ mid week motivation is to encourage you to dig deep, find your inner strength and overcome your fear(s) by TAKING ACTION. When I started my business all kinds of fear and doubt were in my mind. What if I couldn’t get any customers? What would people think of me? What if I fail? I’ll admit, I was afraid and sometimes I still get afraid. But when this happens I just do it anyway. Not all actions would result in success, but now you will have gained  a new experience and new insight.

Here are some practical steps to overcoming your fear:

Step 1: Learn to recognize it. Ask yourself “Why am I afraid?”

Step 2: Use your fear and the adrenaline that it creates to push you towards greatness in life and in business, or as Jaime Tardy says Harness the Fear.

Step 3: Take action. Do what scares you anyway

Remember that your vision, your ultimate goal should be bigger than your fear. I’d love to know how you approach and conquer fear. Let me know in the comments below

Wishing you lots in success

Melissa O.

5 Habits to Do Daily to Generate Success in Your Business

As the owner of a home-based business whether it’s direct selling or otherwise, chances are that your days are very busy with each of your precious minutes accounted for. There are many online resources that highlight the daily habits of successful people. Sometimes these habits can be overwhelming with a long list of ten or fifteen steps.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to FIVE habits that I do daily which have resulted in the success of my business. And these habits fit right into the thick of things with the kids, pets, grocery shopping and clients.
Here they are:

  1. Set daily goals. This keeps you on track and helps move your business forward. These are small goals, which by themselves may seem miniscule, collectively help build your business. So whether it’s getting three new customers, returning phone calls or tackling paperwork, setting daily goals gives you that extra push towards your ultimate goal.
  2. Be consistent. This helps you to stay focused and on task. In previous posts I mentioned that was important to treat your business like a business, and so being consistent in your tasks, setting consistent business hours all help towards your success. The moment you decide the slack off, is the moment that procrastination seeps in and you begin to lose momentum and focus.
  3. Take action. To have success you need to take some form of action-DAILY. Goals without actions are just dreams. Stepping out, solving problems, getting messy and taking chances are the tools that can take you to the next level of success in your business.
  4. Be thankful. I love this point because it reminds me that with everything that goes on in my crazy, busy day, taking time to breathe and be thankful keeps me grounded. I look at everything that I have accomplished and the people who have helped along the way, and I’m grateful for everything that has contributed to my business.
  5. Focus on daily professional and self-development. I strongly believe that earners are learners. There is always room for growth both personally and professionally. Even the best top sellers in direct sales and the most successful business coaches have people that they learn from. Learning never stops, regardless of the heights of your achievements. New ideas and new ways of thinking are constantly being developed, which is why professional development should never be on the sideline-20 minutes is all that you need in a busy day.

Taking action on each of these steps will bring you that much closer to achieving your goal. And the beauty about this is that it fits into your everyday life.

What daily steps do you take to generate success in your business? Let me know in the comments below.

And as always, feel free to share if you got value from this post.

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O