3 Reasons Why Your Self-Talk Should Always Be Positive

I talk to myself A LOT. That is a fact that anyone who lives with me knows. My husband knows it, my kids know it and so do my close friends and siblings. I do it every day, all day. And I suspect that some of you reading this do it too, so I know I’m not the only one.

I’ve always underestimated the value of ‘self-talk’ until I started my home based business and began working on my professional development. I’ve never thought about the relationship between my self-esteem and the way I speak to myself.  But if I really sit and think about it, perhaps I’ve been doing it longer that I know. You see, I grew up in the Caribbean and I went to a less than desirable high school, and lived in a less than desirable neighbourhood. There were all these preconceived notions about how my life was supposed to become, however I’ve never let that daunt me. I’ve always talked to myself about the goals I wished to accomplish and the future I wanted to have, despite all the circumstances that existed around me.


And wouldn’t you know it! I managed to forge my own path and achieve my goals.

So, why and how is this relevant you may ask? Here are three reasons why you should use positive self-talk in life and in business:

  1. In the section of his book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John C Maxwell writes that people are never able to outperform their self-image. How can you reach the top of the company when you consistently think that you’re not good enough or you consistently doubt yourself? It is true that even if you have amazing qualities that can take you to places beyond your imagination, a lack of self-esteem will always limit your potential and keep you stagnant time after time.
  2. It’s a great help in getting out of your comfort zone. Nothing is more challenging and scaring than trying something new for the first time. And nothing comes more loud and clear than self-doubt and the feeling of inadequacy. Positive self-talk gives you the first step to reach out and do the uncomfortable
  3. Dealing with challenges, rejection and failure becomes less bitter. I didn’t say that these issues won’t be unpleasant. It just means that when they arise, you can continue to speak positively to yourself so that self-pity has no room to grow

If you had told me that I’d be writing on this topic three years ago, I’d be rolling my eyes to the heavens, because I did not see any possible value in the way we talk to ourselves.  But I’ve seen first-hand that it is true. And if I may insert another JCM a quote here, if you put a small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise the price.

So, what is the nature of your self-talk? Do you encourage yourself or do you criticize yourself? Share your comments below.

Wishing you lots of success

Melissa O.

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How to Work Your Business While Working Your Corporate Job

Most of you in network marketing and direct sales are probably like me in that we all work a full time job outside of our business. I know that you’ll find some top sellers and coaches out there who will encourage you to ditch your job and plunge into your business full time. But that idea, although appealing, may not be for all of us.

Some of you may be happy or fulfilled at your job and use your business to generate extra income, or as a means of meeting new friends. For others, perhaps given their financial situation, it may not be wise to tell your boss “I quit!” just yet.

Whatever the reason, I believe that it is possible to build your business while working a full time job. As one of my mentors often says, if you can’t build a business in 30mins, you’ll most certainly have a hard time building it in 8 hours of ‘free’ time.

This is what I do to work my business during the week:

  1. Create a to-do list: John C Maxwell says not to trust your memory with your future. Always write things down. Sounds simple right? With the busy life that we all lead and the many hats that we wear daily, I need to constantly create a to-do list for my business. If I don’t then I forget things which may cost me money. Examples include making a note to follow up with a prospect or customer, or contacting a lead for a vendor event. I know I cannot trust my memory to these thing, so I have a handy note book and pen with me and I constantly write what comes into mind
  2. Use technology. Google Calendar is my lifeline. I input all the important dates and events for my personal life and business so that I’m always in the know about upcoming events. In this way I’m always prepared and a little more organized. I also use automated services when it comes to social media with reminders of posting times.
  3. Break-time hustle. Before I started my business, I spent my breaks and lunches chatting with colleagues or checking social media. Now, I use that time to call customers, send emails, focus of my professional development and mindset training. Every minute is precious.
  4. Use your commute time. I take public transit to work which means that I have at least 40mins each way on the bus where I get to create my to-do list, read a chapter or two of a professional book, think of content for my blog, connect with team members, and the list goes on. If I drive in to work, then I’m listening to my favorite podcast which would relate to my business
  5. Let your customers know. When I went back to work, I let all my customers know so that they are aware of some slight changes. I may not be able to answer phone calls right away, but they know that I’ll always return a call or a text. Customers are flexible and reasonable. They also work, so they know and appreciate the value of my time.

There is delicate dance when it comes to balancing your family, full time work and your business. What I love about my business is that I can make it fit into my life. Yes, my time is limited, and it does take discipline and focus to be organized, but my vision is to build a strong, thriving business, so I’m prepared to make small sacrifices for the long term reward. I believe that what you do with your limited time is an indicator of how you will perform should you decided to bring your business full time.

What about you? How do you work your business around your other employment? Let me know in the comments below

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O.

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The 7 Sins Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Business

I just simply had to share these tips that I found in Mary Christensen’s book Be a Network Marketing Leader. It’s so simple, but so true and if you recognize yourself in any one of these points, I am almost certain that if you change your mindset on your problem area, you’ll see a positive change in your business.

So, do you see yourself in anyone of these sins?

  1. Undervaluing the opportunity: Don’t underestimate the potential of your business because it cost you so little to start it. Since I’ve started my business, I’ve gotten to see the leaders and top earners who invested such a small amount of money in the beginning, grow such thriving businesses, while helping others to do the same to.
  2. Overestimating the challenge: Start with the strengths you have and develop the strengths you need. In this business, you’re always learning and growing. No one has ever started off knowing everything.
  3. Overvaluing other people’s opinions: It’s a hard truth that the people you may care about won’t be your cheerleaders. Sometimes, that’s just the way it is.
  4. Underestimating yourself: You have a greater power inside you than any challenge facing you. Building your business will change you in so many ways, that you’ll surprise yourself.
  5. Over-relying on others: Many of us will not be fortunate to have an up-line or a supportive manager. But support networks exist, you just have to find them.
  6. Over-complicating your strategy: If you try to do everything, you risk accomplishing nothing. Take it one step at a time.
  7. Under-performing the hours: You have to work your business like a business if you want to see results.

What are your thoughts on these sabotaging sins? Let me know in the comments below.

I encourage you to read Be a Network Marketing Leader.  It is filled with great nuggets and practical information to help you build a solid business.

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O.

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5 Ways My Business Has Changed Me

“It’s almost impossible to grow a network marketing business without growing yourself”

Mary Christensen

I came across this sentence while reading Mary Christensen’s most recent book, and I have to say that this sentence is absolutely, 100 percent true. In the time that I’ve started my business, I can truly say that I have surprised myself. As I mentioned in a previous post, I ran away from entrepreneurship and I would not have been caught dead joining a network marketing company. But today, I can proudly announce that I am an entrepreneur in a network marketing company. Here are 5 ways in which my business has changed me:

  1. I’ve developed skills I didn’t know I had. If you asked me a year ago if I considered myself to be good at sales or marketing, I would have laughed in your face. And I would have never thought that I would have the opportunity to lead and mentor a wonderful group of people through their own network marketing journey. I also never thought that I would be able to connect and build relationships with complete strangers. But in building my business and customer base, I have learnt and continue to learn ways to work though this challenge.
  2. Given me a sense grit and determination. It takes some serious stones to be an entrepreneur. Countless of top earners and top coaches all say that it does take focus, determination and grit to engage in ventures and ideas that most people frown upon. When I started my business I had no customers, I did not start with my warm market and I certainly had my fair share of disappointments and failures, but I was determined to push though and accomplish the goals that I had set in spite of these challenges.
  3. A renewed focus on my future. I’ve seen the insane earning potential in network marketing and the impact that it can have on the quality of life I can provide for my family. Not only that, but this business has opened the door for me to explore other avenues such as blogging, coaching and mentoring, and it has given me a new vision where I’m able to positively impact other people in this industry.
  4. Fueled my love of learning. I’ve always loved learning especially during my academic years. But since I’ve entered the direct selling industry, there is never a day that goes by where I’m not devouring some form of content from within the industry. It is amazing to see the wealth of knowledge so freely and willingly shared within the profession. I’ve realized that in order to grow in this field I have to invest time and money in education. Even if it means paying for a course or materials, or taking the time to listen to a webinar, I do with joy knowing that the outcome could only propel me to something better.
  5. The discipline I didn’t know I had. I’ve always considered myself to be fairly disciplined. Of course I have my lazy days. But I now know that in this business, if you want to see momentum, you have to be disciplined at conducting all your money making activities. Before I started, I did not anticipate the level of work and commitment needed. I did not think of network marketing in the same light as a traditional business, therefore I did not expect to be as discipline and as focused. However, I know that in order to succeed, I need to maintain my discipline and focus…and you know what? I love it

How has your business changed you? Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O.

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P.P.S. If you would like to make a bigger impact in your business, and would like someone to hold you accountable so that you can bring in the results you want, then send me an email at melissa@rockinghomebusiness.com

Do This If You Want To See Growth in Your Business

“The wise man questions himself, the fool questions others”

Henri Arnold

For most of us, when we began our journey in Direct Sales or Network Marketing, we were enthusiastic and filled with visions of growing sales and a strong healthy team. While there are peaks and valleys in any business, sometimes our valleys tend to become a long stretch and we begin to lose our momentum, and the drive that fueled our desire to succeed in the beginning.


I’ve seen many folks who have jumped from one direct sales business to the other, only to recreate the same poor results as before. Instead of trying to blame on your business slump on the lack of customers, lack of an up-line or and inadequate sales manager, it is best to look at the mirror and question yourself to determine the true reason for the lacklustre performance of your business. Here are three key questions you need to ask yourself to bring your business back to life:

  • Do I really have goals or do I have a wish list? Goals are actionable. The real work comes in taking the steps to actually achieve the goals. If you aren’t putting your goals to work, then you just have a wish list and empires are not built on wishes. Be true to yourself to determine whether you have truly taken action towards achieving your goals, or whether they’re just decorative props on your dream board
  • What is really preventing me from achieving success? This requires some deep thought and reflection. It requires an intense amount of honesty and self-reflection. Do you have systems of limiting beliefs that creep into your mindset? Are you afraid of success or are you afraid of failure? Are you concerned about how you may look in the eyes of your friends and family? These are all stumbling blocks that we need to recognize, face and overcome in order to build a thriving business
  • What are the steps that I need to take from now? Did you notice the emphasis on the last word? It is often said that procrastination is the thief of time. What good is recognizing that you need to work on getting out and taking steps towards achieving your goals, as well as changing your mindset, if you don’t plan on taking immediate action? We all know that the longer a task is delayed, the greater the chance of it never getting done. This is where you ask yourself whether you need a mentor, or to start looking for a different type of prospect or customers. The point is that you need to determine the steps you need to take in the here-and-now in order to make a positive change in your business

So there you have it. Try using these three questions in your business to get your momentum going again. What are your thoughts on self-reflection in your business? Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O