How to Recognize if You Are Unteachable


Back in high school, I sucked at Math. I hated it and I’m pretty sure that Math hated me. However, to successfully complete my education, I need a passing grade in that subject. So what did I do? I found a tutor. I approached one of my classmates who was a Math whiz and asked him for help. Months leading up to the exam, he and I would be in the library solving quadratic equations, finding for x and working on geometry problems. I would wake up at 4am and begin working on Math sheets until it was time to go to class. I did everything my tutor told me to do. And guess what? I passed my Math exam!

I say this story because I realized, even in my younger years, that I needed to become teachable if I wanted to succeed. I needed to set aside my ego, humble myself and ask my classmate for help.

I remembered this story while I was reading Dani Johnson’s book First Steps to Wealth. This concept is true in life and in business. Dani mentions that “being teachable means you are hungry, pursuing success, and willing to learn from masters.”  I was hungry to pass my Math exam because I knew that it was the key for me to successfully complete my high school career. Just as in my business today, my goal is to become a top earner, and so I know that it is important that I seek out and learn from other top earners and mentors.

I think we all know in the back of our minds that we need to learn from the best if we want to become the best. But sometimes we harbor characteristics that make us unteachable.


To know if you are unteachable, here’s what to look out for:

  1. Do you often talk more than you listen? Are you often quick to give responses? How can you listen to sound advice when your mouth is always moving?
  2. Do you always think ‘I know that already.” If so, then ask yourself why your business isn’t thriving the way it should
  3. Do you always know the strategies that would or wouldn’t work even if you haven’t done it yourself?
  4. Do you often question what makes the teacher better than you or what makes him or her qualified to teach me?

If you recognize these traits, then you, my dear friend may just have some unteachable characteristics which are stopping you from reaching your potential in your business. I too am often find that some of traits raise up from time to time, but the saving grace is to know and recognize the value in being humble and learning from others who have paved the way and faced the business challenges that I now face. Being teachable is a choice. It is up to us to choose whether we are open to learning new ideas, new strategies and new ways of thinking from a variety of sources. And it’s an attitude that must be fostered daily.

So ask yourself, what do you value more? Do you value the success of your business or your pride? Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you lots of success,
Melissa O

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