How to Work Your Business While Working Your Corporate Job

Most of you in network marketing and direct sales are probably like me in that we all work a full time job outside of our business. I know that you’ll find some top sellers and coaches out there who will encourage you to ditch your job and plunge into your business full time. But that idea, although appealing, may not be for all of us.

Some of you may be happy or fulfilled at your job and use your business to generate extra income, or as a means of meeting new friends. For others, perhaps given their financial situation, it may not be wise to tell your boss “I quit!” just yet.

Whatever the reason, I believe that it is possible to build your business while working a full time job. As one of my mentors often says, if you can’t build a business in 30mins, you’ll most certainly have a hard time building it in 8 hours of ‘free’ time.

This is what I do to work my business during the week:

  1. Create a to-do list: John C Maxwell says not to trust your memory with your future. Always write things down. Sounds simple right? With the busy life that we all lead and the many hats that we wear daily, I need to constantly create a to-do list for my business. If I don’t then I forget things which may cost me money. Examples include making a note to follow up with a prospect or customer, or contacting a lead for a vendor event. I know I cannot trust my memory to these thing, so I have a handy note book and pen with me and I constantly write what comes into mind
  2. Use technology. Google Calendar is my lifeline. I input all the important dates and events for my personal life and business so that I’m always in the know about upcoming events. In this way I’m always prepared and a little more organized. I also use automated services when it comes to social media with reminders of posting times.
  3. Break-time hustle. Before I started my business, I spent my breaks and lunches chatting with colleagues or checking social media. Now, I use that time to call customers, send emails, focus of my professional development and mindset training. Every minute is precious.
  4. Use your commute time. I take public transit to work which means that I have at least 40mins each way on the bus where I get to create my to-do list, read a chapter or two of a professional book, think of content for my blog, connect with team members, and the list goes on. If I drive in to work, then I’m listening to my favorite podcast which would relate to my business
  5. Let your customers know. When I went back to work, I let all my customers know so that they are aware of some slight changes. I may not be able to answer phone calls right away, but they know that I’ll always return a call or a text. Customers are flexible and reasonable. They also work, so they know and appreciate the value of my time.

There is delicate dance when it comes to balancing your family, full time work and your business. What I love about my business is that I can make it fit into my life. Yes, my time is limited, and it does take discipline and focus to be organized, but my vision is to build a strong, thriving business, so I’m prepared to make small sacrifices for the long term reward. I believe that what you do with your limited time is an indicator of how you will perform should you decided to bring your business full time.

What about you? How do you work your business around your other employment? Let me know in the comments below

Wishing you lots of success,

Melissa O.

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